Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a monthly cash benefit that people with disabilities may receive. SSI looks at the resources and income a person has before determining if they are eligible. Resources and assets that are considered include:

  • Real estate; 

  • Personal property; 

  • Vehicles; 

  • Life insurance; 

  • Cash; 

  • Savings bonds; and

  • More

what is SSI?

Applying Makeup


You may be eligible if you are blind, over 65 or have a disability, and have limited income and assets. Your loved one must also be a citizen of the United States.


Parental income IS considered when child is under the age of 18, so some children will not be eligible for this benefit. Parental income is NOT considered when your loved one is over the age of 18. It is important to apply about a month before your loved one turns 18.

If your loved one is able to be employed, he or she may not receive the full benefit amount. You will need to disclose all sources of income at the time of applying for SSI. Additionally, you will need to list any resources he or she has, such as property, stocks and bonds. 

benefits offered through SSI

SSI benefits include cash assistance for daily living expenses, such as housing, food, clothing and utilities.

The maximum cash benefit at this time is $794 per month. Not everyone who is eligible for SSI will receive the maximum amount.